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Asset Management
Meeting clients' needs with innovative solutions created by a talented team

Tanween’s property and asset management business provides a customized suite of services to investors, property companies and developers. Our team of market leading international development experts provides superior performance to help Tanween consistently deliver the very best advice and results for client portfolios.

Tanween professionally manages every stage of the development process, adding asset value by creating a safe and healthy environment that supports occupant requirements and maintains/increases asset value throughout its life cycle.

Our unsurpassed knowledge in the design, construction and operation of facilities helps us develop rigorous business plans for each asset, constantly monitoring and reporting their performance against agreed targets and market benchmarks to minimize risk and maximize asset ROI. Ensuring clients enjoy access to a full suite of asset management services, our professional solutions portfolio includes Customer Service Management, Tenancy Administration Management and Sales Administration Management.

We pride ourselves on three guiding principles: professional excellence, absolute integrity and protecting client trust. By leveraging Tanween's team of facility and asset management experts to deliver a “one stop” shop from inception/conception to operation leading into disposal, at all times focusing on reducing operating and management costs to deliver superior ROI.


Asset Management Services

  • Investment Assessment
  • Positioning Strategy
  • Structuring and Financing
  • Property Valuation
  • Building Analysis
  • Property Acquisition and Disposal
  • Leasing and Brokerage
  • Sales & Marketing Management
  • Property Management services