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Tanween Investment Management strives to provide outstanding long-term investment performance and best-in-class service to a diverse client base featuring large corporations, major developers and astute financial investors.

Our structure leverages the breadth, depth and access of the Tanween team to empower clients with a comprehensive suite of investment management solutions across our primary geographical markets: GCC, Middle East and North Africa, Europe, USA and emerging markets.

The drive for higher performance means we are always looking to deliver opportunities and solutions within changing market conditions, whether it is introducing new investments, disposing of underperforming assets, diversifying the existing portfolio or managing asset enhancements including development, refurbishment or leasing.

To fully optimize the asset value of our properties, we strive to deliver development and investment efficiencies while applying tested value engineering practices to generate measurable cost savings and reduce development cycle time.

In addition, Tanween seeks to increase investment in its real estate portfolio through seed funding and securing investment for core, value added and opportunistic investment vehicles for property acquisition and development.

Your smarter partner for unique insight and superior performance

Strategic Partnership

Tanween has taken the tactical decision to align our business operations with those of our primary shareholder, The First Investor, to create a strategic partnership for the long term benefit of our own assets, and those of our clients.

Regulated by the Qatar Central Bank, The First Investor Q.S.C. is the largest closed shareholding investment banking firm in Qatar, and became a 100% wholly-owned subsidiary of Barwa Bank in 2009.

The First Investor provides market leading services including Risk Compliance, Shariah Compliance, Governance, Investment Memorandums, Placement, Investment Closeout Reports and Investment/Fund Management.